About the brand:

Loyalty in Friends Establishment aka LIFESTAB was born in the former Eastern Bloc out of the unique street hustle mentality. Brought to life for friends & raised amongst friends. No back stabbing life politics but a unified community of people whom spread the love. What we do is give a fresh vibe to streetwear through highest quality prints, design and fabrics.

Meaning of LIFESTAB:

It’s all about ambiguity, double entendre, just the way life is. Some see it one way, others differently. That’s what the brand is about. We know our values. The full name Loyalty in Friends Establishment states exactly what we are about – loyalty to truth and true friends. The short version LifeStab holds the second meaning – the fight for survival amongst the people that are against you, the backstabbers.

Design & Objectives:

Our clothes are designed and manufactured, start-to-end, from products originating from Poland. We use only the best quality materials available. These products are created by the best seamstresses in Poland. With full respect to the tradition of the craft, we are proud to support these artisans.